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This story had to be written because

Legal Eagles Became Birds Of Prey.


Freddie Andrews departed this life on Monday March 21st 2011.
May he rest in peace.

Freddie Andrews junior was a fine young sportsman and pianist and boarded at the Armagh Academy after the Second World War. When he was about 17 he became unwell and began hearing voices in his head. My wealthy father sought the best treatment money could buy and was advised by leading specialists at the time to send Freddie to Scotland to have the very latest experimental treatment for his disorder. Freddie underwent a lobotomy which was a disaster and when he came home it was as if all the life had gone out of him. For the rest of his life, Freddie would have the mind of a ten year old child. My father was absolutely devasted.

Despite his being severely intellectually disabled, Freddie was treated as an equal by all the members of our lovely family. Here he is, all dressed up like the rest of us in the photograph (slightly damaged with age) below, on a special family occasion.

This is our family portrait on a special occasion.

Standing, from left: Betty (Hamilton), Dorothy (Davison) deceased, Eileen (Wright), Vera (Douglas) deceased.
Seated, from left: Freddie Andrews junior, Fred Andrews senior deceased, Minetta Andrews deceased, Billy Andrews deceased.

When my good father died suddenly at the age of 79 in August 1972, there was just my mother, then 75 years of age, and Freddie, living in our lovely family home,"Tara House".

Many years before my father died he had put the ownership of "Tara House" in Freddie's name for his use while he, Freddie, lived, and during those years my father also purchased in Freddie's name, at least thirty lots of prime city-centre land and property, which could be sold, but only as and when it was necessary, to enable Freddie to be able to afford, and enjoy, the home, "Tara House", that he was used to and also to enable him to be properly looked after and cared for without being a burden on anyone after my father died.

Freddie should still be living in peace with a full-time carer in "Tara House". He could well afford it simply because father left him unusually well-off.

Another wealthy businessman, however, made the first move to ensure that Freddie was not to enjoy this wealth and property as our father intended.

This is "Tara House", 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast, the magnificent home that my father gave to my intellectually disabled brother Freddie Andrews. Freddie was put out of this beautiful home when "Tara House" was seized and sold illegally about three years after my father died by a dishonest property tycoon, Charles Gilpin, assisted by Belfast's largest firm of solicitors Tughan & Co, and the responsible authorities in Northern Ireland have not only done nothing about this criminal act in 30 years, but those responsible High Court authorities who were engaged by our family to protect Freddie's estate actually used the power of the High Court to take over and continue the plunder which was started by Gilpin and Tughan & Co.
These same 'responsible' authorities have even sanctioned the sale, and even assisted in the sale, of all the city-centre properties father also gave Freddie to provide for the upkeep and maintenance of "Tara House" for as long as Freddie lived. Father's intention was to ensure not only Freddie's well-being but also to ensure that Freddie would never be a burden on anyone, financially or otherwise. Even High Court Judges and top civil servants in Belfast have become part of this web of corruption.

This is the magnificent CastleCourt complex built by John Laing Developments in the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland. A large part of the land that this massive showpiece is built on was stolen from my intellectually disabled brother Freddie Andrews, a theft which received the approval of a High Court Judge.

Incredibly, the Department of the Environment is also involved in this shocking fraud. Here is one of my many letters to the DOE and here is one of their replies to me.

Where has all Freddie's money gone from the selling of all this property? The High Court buildings in Belfast contain the office responsible for holding the money received from the 'sale' of Freddie's properties. This office refuses to give details of that money to members of Freddie's family. It also refuses to give the members of Freddie's family details of the 'sales' of those properties. What are the High Court officers in Belfast hiding? How big is the web of corruption in the High Court buildings in Belfast?

It is now emerging from relatives of other Patients in Care who have seen this site and who have contacted me, that my intellectually-disabled brother Freddie Andrews is not the only Patient in Care of the Supreme Court Officers to be ruthlessly abused in spite of the protestations of those relatives like myself. How sad that the media, generally, have ignored this nationally important subject. I felt obliged to send this letter to the Belfast Telegraph. Thankfully there is one courageous exception in the printed media.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Brian Kerr.

This is Northern Ireland's present Lord Chief Justice, Sir Brian Kerr, formerly Brian Kerr QC, Chairman, Mental Health Commission for NI, 1988. As Brian Kerr QC, he would never have assisted in putting his own mother out of a stately home and into a slum, but after my elderly mother and her handicapped son were put out of this, their own stately home, when it was illegally seized and sold by Charles Gilpin and solicitors Tughan & Co, and they were put into a slum like this, Kerr is quoted here by former Official Solicitor Hall, who was reporting to the High Court Judge MacDermott, as stating, quote, "Mr Kerr states in his Opinion "One can be unequivocal in stating that [the sale] was undoubtedly in his [the Patient's] best interests".
This "sale" which Kerr refers to was similar to this charge against Tughan & Co solicitor Herbert Wright where Wright was convicted of handling, and selling on, other property which had also been stolen from Freddie. This "sale" of "Tara House", my mother's and Freddie's home, referred to by Kerr, was also stolen property involving Tughan & Co solicitor Herbert Wright, but the 'legal profession' and the judiciary kept the 'sale' of Freddie's own home out of the Courts. Why? Freddie's home was 'sold' to a top member of the 'legal profession' for buttons.

My name is Eileen Wright.

Hello. My name is Eileen Wright. I am now 87 years of age and a widow of sixteen years. My late father was a very well-known, very successful and highly-respected businessman in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and built up a large car sales business over many years. His name was Frederick (Fred) Andrews.
You will probably not believe this story - not at first anyway. The people who wrote the letters, who made the reports and legal judgements which you can find on the Site map and contents page had no idea that they would, one day, appear on the Internet for all the world to see. When you begin to put the jig-saw of the bigger picture all together, you cannot fail to be amazed that such fraud, downright robbery, blackmail, intimidation and corruption, all within the highest levels of government, local business and the legal profession here in Northern Ireland, and perpetrated against a disabled man, could be allowed to be carried on for three decades.

This is a photograph of Freddie and his dad Fred

This is a photograph of my brother Freddie Andrews (born in 1929 and brain-damaged in an unnecessary and botched brain operation at the end of the Second World War) with his dad Fred senior (1894 - 1972) taken some years ago on a city street - probably Dublin.

Here are three articles on this shocking story written by the very best investigative journalists in the British Isles.

1. The Daily Mirror published the following article by the late Paul Foot on September 13th 1991

2. This article was written in 1996 by London journalist Peter Mason.

3. Here is Sunday World journalist Jim Campbell's most recent article.

Here is one of my many hundreds of letters sent over many years in my quest for justice for my brain-damaged brother Freddie Andrews.

I sent this letter to the Official Solicitor dated August 2nd 2007. I'm now 87 years of age and as Freddie is doubly incontinent I am not able to cope with all the washing and changing that Freddie needs. The Official Solicitor has neither acknowledged nor answered my letter as of September 10th 2007. Obviously the Official Solicitor who is still acting under Brian Hall will be working to have me put my handicapped brother into an institution. I had hoped that as long as I would live, this would not happen and they knew this, but now I am just no longer able to look after Freddie on my own. What sort of people are in charge of the Office of the Official Solicitor and who is going to put a stop to their corruption, their criminal conduct, their thieving, their scandalous flouting of the law to suit the greed and avarice of this gang of thugs?

Here is another example of the conduct of the legal profession in this shocking case. This letter, above, is from the second largest firm of solicitors in Northern Ireland, Carson & McDowell, which was engaged by Official Solicitor, Mrs. Deirdre Bowers, to act for Freddie to sell on Freddie's stolen property to Laing Construction, a sale which she herself had organised! The Office of the Official Solicitor already knew that the same Carson & McDowell, was also working on behalf of Laing Construction as can be seen from the above letter. You can see that the Conveyance and Assignment for Freddie's stolen property was prepared by Carson & McDowell and made out between "Frederick Andrews by the Official Solicitor to Project Assessment and Development Limited" which was a company owned and operated by John Laing Construction Limited. You can also see that the address for Carson & McDowell is the same on the Conveyance and Assignment as in the Belfast Telegraph article, namely, Murray Street, Belfast.
The paragraph above may not have been easy to take in at one reading, but it is even more involved when I tell you that the Official Solicitor Bowers did not even hold the deeds for the property belonging to Freddie she was supposed to be selling. No, that property had ALREADY BEEN STOLEN AND SOLD to the Ryland Vehicle Group with the assistance of Northern Ireland's number one legal firm, Tughan & Co, and the Ryland Vehicle Group just held on to those deeds until THEY sold the property to Laing Construction in order to get their £375,000 back, £375,000 which should have been in Freddie's bank account and wasn't! If you are not already confused, you will be when you read on.
What will already be obvious to the reader is that there was a very large sum of money involved in Freddie's case which is why Northern Ireland's two top legal firms were involved. Had Freddie been destitute, he would have been completely ignored.

For those who will be making a serious study of this case, please read this letter from the Lord Chancellor's Department to me which confirms in writing that, quote, "Your brother's property was administered under the direction of the High Court."

I sent the following letter to Official Solicitor dated August 2nd 2007 but as of today October 9th 2007, two months and one week later my letter has neither been acknowledged nor answered. I am now resending this letter and making it Recorded Delivery.

4 Norwood Gardens,
Belfast. BT4 2DX.

Dear Official Solicitor,

Would you be good enough to arrange to have my intellectually handicapped brother Freddie Andrews provided with a full-time professional carer at home here at 4 Norwood Gardens. My late father made more than adequate provision for this caring for Freddie a long time ago and as the person legally responsible for that provision the time is now long overdue for that provision to be implemented.

I would suggest that such provision would also include regular outings by private transport and the provision of other ordinary benefits in keeping with the value of my handicapped brother’s very large legacy.

Yours faithfully,


(Mrs.) Eileen Wright.

I received the following letter from the Office of the Official Solicitor dated 22 October 2007.

That was nearly one month ago and three and a half months since I wrote in some desperation for help for Freddie.......

Freddie Andrews has been doubly incontinent now for some years and at 86 years of age I am really struggling to cope with all the extra washing on top of actually looking after him on my own. I do not want Freddie to have to go into an institute away from me. He is supposed to have outside help call here at 4 Norwood Gardens each morning to wash and dress him and then outside help to call here again to dress and put Freddie to bed.
Over a considerable length of time this paid 'help' has been most irregular. I would get a phone-call at short notice telling me the helper is unable to come either morning or night or a phone-call asking me if I could manage this time giving some excuse for not coming. Many other times I would not even get a phone-call or the help. This was most stressful but not surprising given the treatment my family have suffered from those involved in this shocking 'government' fraud. I felt forced to put a stop to it. I wonder if these 'helpers' are still getting their money and if it is Freddie's money they are getting!

The present Official Solicitor Donnelly should have the details of Freddie's financial situation at her fingertips. F. Brian Hall had no problem that way. Of course Donnelly is still answerable to Hall and his gang who will be totally reluctant to part with their ill-gotten gain. The queation has been asked is Donnelly really qualified to be an Official Solicitor and is she even a solicitor at all. Either way she is a puppet in the hands of a very sick group of hijackers who are only involved in Freddie's affairs for the money which belongs wholly to Freddie.

This article appeared in the Irish News dated 3/10/07

This following Comment was published in 2007 on the Indymedia website.

To whom is the NI Judiciary responsible??
by Norman E Adamson
N Ireland
028 91 458752

In the Fred Andrews story the name Brian Hall figures prominently again and again acting improperly 20 years ago. He was still "at his work" until he retired in 2005. !

In the year 2004 Brian Hall in collusion with the Social Services set about to revoke/suspend a perfectly valid registered EPA by using a valid medical in an inappropriate context i,e,. testamentary, to establish the 94 year old "donor" was capable of managing his affairs.

To achieve the revocation he issued a High Court Order suspending the Attorneys from acting. Said Order has subsequently proved to be entirely "bogus" and in any case had no foundation in law.

As a direct consequence the "deal" to sell some valuable land in East Belfast was entirely scuppered and remains so to this day resulting in a considerable financial loss to the estate of the late Ernest Adamson.

As a result of certain investigations carried out by the Attorneys Brian Hall has, in retirement been:-

Suspended from lecturing, Banned from the Precincts of the RCJ, and the Court Service has deemed it prudent to make an ex-gratia payment to a member of staff in recompense for "verbal abuse and harassment " by none other than BF Hall of course.

There is more much more believe me!

Freddie Andrews has not had a holiday for almost a year which means that I have not had a corresponding break in my looking after him. I have had one decent holiday in about ten years. So with this in mind my son, Paddy, went to the Citizens Advice Bureau to clarify the position of Freddie and me regarding a holiday. Paddy has now sent for Pension Credit on the advice of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Freddie’s finances in the ‘Care and Protection Office’ stood at just over £20,000 in April 2007. Paddy phoned the ‘Care and Protection Office’ in August 2008 and a lady there named Sharon told him that those finances were now approximately £4000.
I receive £830 per month for Freddie out of Freddie's own money so obviouely this money will now soon dry up. When it does so, the ‘Care and Protection Office’ will just close up the case. Bye-bye Freddie Andrews. You have no money left. We don’t need you any longer!
The BIG question still remains, where did all Freddie’s money go? Who are the thieves who used the powers of the Courts and the law to steal all they could from my disabled brother?
Will they be pursued?
Will they be punished?
Will my brother’s home beside Stormont be returned to him and his family?

Thank You For Your Interest In Freddie's Story.