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I have typed the above letter here for easier reading.

Dear Mrs. Wright,


We refer to your recent letter and telephone conversation and apologise for the delay in contacting you. We have now obtained our own copy of the Order in this matter and would advise that your mother has not been made a ward of Court but that a Committee for her Estate has been appointed. That Committee is our Mr. McAteer and he has the power to deal with Mrs. Andrews' Estate as set out in the Order. The Master of the Office of Care and Protection, namely Mr. Brian Hall [Surprise, surprise] acts merely in a supervisory role in that if there is any complaint or objection in the manner in which the Committee is acting then that complaint or objection can be referred to the Master who will investigate. Investigate or investigate, Mr. Hall would not know how.] He will not have any day to day controll [!] in the affairs of Mrs. Andrews. [You must be joking.]

Yours faithfully,
McAteer & Co.

Why was a Committee appointed for my mother's estate, and if so, why was a member of her family not appointed Committee as recommended in the official government book on Committees? This was the second time the law on the appointment of a Committee was violated - in one family. Why? Could Mr.Hall not keep his hands off the Andrews money? I see no other reason for such totally unprofessional behaviour. This was not requested by our family and was not necessary. This was all done without our knowledge and less than a year after the date of the above letter when my mother died. Why was Ciaran McAteer made to hand over all my mother's affairs to Brian Hall when she died? Hall had no right to take the law into his own hands. As you can see from this letter, Brian Hall was a Master by now, and should not have personally interfered with my mother's estate. Fraud squad officer Patterson knew he was on to something big and tried to expose it. His bosses also knew he was on to something big and couldn't allow it to be exposed. Why? Is it any wonder Official Solicitor after Official Solicitor has refused to allow any member of our family to see Freddie's accounts or his bank balance. Even the police won't help in this either. What a cover-up!