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A letter from John L. Deane to Official Solicitor Hall dated 27.11.85.

Dear Mr Hall

In the matter of Frederick Andrews - 1978 - No: 516
Properties at Smithfield Square and Francis Street, Belfast

I confirm that, on your instructions, I have been conducting negotiations with a view to selling the above property on behalf of the Patient.

Messrs Osborne King & Megran, acting for Laing Properties Limited, have been in touch with me and, as a result of negotiations, confirmed an offer of 110,000, for the Patients entire property subject to Contract, satisfactory Title and in particular, subject to vacant possession on completion.

Subsequently, I approached Christopher Napier, Solicitor for Andrews & Company (Belfast) Limited who occupy the property and informed him of the above offer. Having taken his Clients instructions, Mr Napier confirmed that his Clients would make a similar offer, namely 110,000 but with early completion and not subject to obtaining vacant possession.

Finally, I advised Osborne King & Megran, of Mr Napier's offer and gave them an opportunity to bid further. Having discussed the matter with their Clients, they have decided not to make any further bid. I have no hesitation in recommending the Court to accept the offer of 110,000 from Mr Napier's Clients.

Yours sincerely

John L Deane

[I am very curious to know who is responsible for the writing at the top of the following page which is a photocopy of the actual letter typed above. Not only is Brian Hall's signature there but so is Gerald P Jemphrey who 'bought' Tara House.
When Herbert Wright of solicitors Tughan & Co illegally and criminally sold Freddie's Smithfield properties in 1980, the Ryland Group actually paid over 375,000 for just one part of that property. Why did Freddie's property come down in price by so much. This happened to all Freddie's property in the hands of these gangsters.

According to the letter above, John L. Deane stated that he was acting on the instructions of Official Solicitor Hall. Hall knew that the Ryland Vehicle Group had illegally and criminally 'bought' my brother Freddie's showroom named in this case as 60/65 Smithfield Square, Belfast. According to the Judge on this case, the 375,000 for Freddie's property was paid over to the account of solicitors Tughan & Co and the Judge wondered why.

Number 1, why did Official Solicitor Hall not take legal action against Tughan & Co, Herbert Wright and the Ryland Vehicle Group and others for illegally and criminally stealing Freddie's Showroom at 60/65 Smithfield, Belfast "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980"?

Number 2, why was Official Solicitor Hall taking it upon himself to sell 60/65 Smithfield, Belfast on behalf of the Patient, Freddie Andrews, when that property was now in the possession of the Ryland Vehicle Group and could not be sold on the Patient's behalf, especially when that property was left to Freddie by his father to support the maintainance and upkeep of Tara House and the comfort and support of Freddie's lifestyle?

Number 3, Why was the 375,000 received from the Ryland Vehicle Group for Freddie's Showroom paid into the account of Tughan & Co (confirmed by Judge O'Donnell) when the money should have been paid into Freddie's own account?

Number 4, why did Official Solicitor Hall not take legal action against those responsible for the corrupt dealing in Number 3 above?

Number 5, why did Official Solicitor Hall not take legal action against his fellow lawyer Gerald P. Jemphrey who 'purchased' Tara House, Tughan & Co and Herbert Wright, Charles Gilpin and his estate and others, for illegally and criminally stealing Tara House from Freddie Andrews which Freddie's city-centre property was meant to support for the lifetime of Freddie?

Number 5, why did John L. Deane recommend to the High Court that the offer of 110,000 for all Freddie's Smithfield property be accepted when, five years earlier, the Ryland Vehicle Group actually paid over 375,000 for Freddie's Smithfield Showroom alone?

Number 6, why did Official Solicitor Hall go along with this crazy offer?

Number 7, in the final paragraph of Deane's letter to Hall, above, he stated that Osborne King & Megran's clients, Laing Properties Limited, decided not to make any further bid. That is very strange when the Deeds of 60/65 Smithfield, Belfast were in the possession of the Ryland Vehicle Group who were reported here to have sold on Freddie's property to the Laing Properties Limited.
Equally interesting is an article published in the Belfast Telegraph dated 2/7/1998 regarding the takeover of Neville Johnston Toyota and Daihatsu franchises in Northern Ireland by the Charles Hurst Group. I say interesting because the article stated that, quote, "Neville Johnston Garages, with premises at Boucher Road in Belfast and at Dundonald, was owned by Ryland Group". Of course there are many more questions which will be asked elsewhere.]