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Brian Hall's gang.

The second Official Solicitor appointed by the High Court to deal with my brother Freddie's affairs, Mr. Brian Hall, kept involving himself even after he was replaced as Official Solicitor on being appointed Master which in my experience is a lesser Judge. He seemed to be very keen to hold on to 'the reins' as it were, of Freddie's affairs. Mr. Hall had very little time for the members of the RUC Fraud Squad and their investigation findings just as he had very little time for members of Freddie's family and our concerns. In fact, just like our family's concerns, he thought so little about these Fraud Squad findings that he refused to present them to the High Court Judge who made serious decisions relating to Freddie's affairs, especially the theft of his home and his properties. Mr. Hall was very aware of the Fraud Squad officers' findings. He took the trouble to call them 'notes and jottings' and suchlike on several occasions. The High Court judge could not make proper and just decisions without knowledge of these officers' findings. In fact Mr. Hall is guilty of interfering with the course of justice in a very big way.

This is Mr. Brian Hall enjoying a "LAW SOCIETY GET-TOGETHER" with fellow solicitors.
I am not sure of the year this picture was taken.

Another solicitor and a member of the Law Society, Mr. G. P. Jemphrey, was able to walk into the magnificent home that my brother Freddie and my mother were driven out of, for a nominal amount of money.
Mr. Jemphrey then got staying in my brother's home simply because Mr. Brian Hall refused, I repeat, refused, to do his legal duty and make use of the Fraud Squad investigation findings which identified and itemised in great detail the criminal activity of Mr. Charles Gilpin and Belfast's number one firm of solicitors, Tughan & Co.
Mr. Jemphrey was thus enabled to use the proceeds of criminal activity through the power vested in Mr. Hall which he used ruthlessly in the 'service' of a gang of legal sharpsters.
Mr. Jemphrey was assisted in using stolen property by Mr. Hall's simple act of denying the High Court Judge of the benefit of the RUC Fraud Squad findings in his decisions regarding a mentally-handicapped man's welfare, well-being and means of life support, all of which were legally made available for him by his caring father. Mr. Hall flagrantly set himself above and beyond the High Court jurisdiction and from his self-empowered vantage point, manipulated, controlled and perverted the highest power in this land for his own sick ends.
On the face of it, Mr. Jemphrey seems to have gone on to make a fortune from his ill-gotten goods when he 'sold' Freddie's home, again, at 14 Castlehill Road in Belfast, just over the hedge from Stormont Castle Buildings, arguably the most sought-after area in Belfast. I don't believe, however, that it happened this way.
I believe that Mr. Jemphrey was part of a gang of people homing in on a nice little earner. I believe that Mr. Jemphrey was only a 'caretaker' in Freddie's home while other 'matters' were being attended to, like the bigger picture of Freddie's city properties.

Please look at the following paragraph which is the final paragraph of a statement sworn by Mr. Brian Hall.

I don't think my eyes are deceiving me. Mr. Hall signed his statement, but look at the name of the man who witnessed this sworn statement - G Jemphrey!

Here is the first page of that statement:

and here is the second page of that statement:

Mr. Hall stated in his first Report to the High Court, quote:

"The property was advertised for sale and several offers were received before a price of 38,750 was negotiated with Mr G P Jemphrey which, it is recalled, was accepted by Mrs Minetta Andrews. Mr Jemphrey completed a Contract to purchase dated 3 December 1975 and the completion date, originally fixed at 16 February 1976 was delayed, and the sale concluded on 17 February the next day. Mr Drennan raised no point against this transaction in his first report and, once again, I take the same view as he did. Mr Kerr states in his Opinion "One can be unequivocal in stating that [the sale] was undoubtedly in his [the Patient's] best interests."

As Mr. Hall should have known, this property was not open for offers. It was 'knocked down' to Mr. Jemphrey on the first day of its so-called 'being put on the market'. As I have stated elsewhere, my mother, Minetta Andrews, had no authority to accept any offer for this house as it was put in Freddie's name to remain his property as long as he lived. Mr. Drennan, the first Official Solicitor with legal authority over Freddie's affairs obviously raised no point against the 'transaction', but that did not give Mr. Hall the right to take the same road. Not only did Mr Hall take the same road as Mr. Drennan, but he also found a willing supporter in Mr. Kerr, then QC, now Lord Chief Justice in Northern Ireland.....

This 'transaction' was a very carefully planned affair.
After my father died in 1972, Mr. Charles Gilpin immediately involved himself with my elderly and bereaved mother's and my mentally-handicapped brother's affairs. As stated elsewhere, Gilpin became my mother's sole executor of her Will within nine months of my father's death having caused her to remove all the family documents, deeds etc from my father's solicitors Boston & Sullivan to his, Gilpin's, solicitors Tughan & Co.
It must be remembered that my father's Will made Miss Sullivan, solicitor, of Boston & Sullivan, Solicitors, one of two Trustees of his affairs.
Such was Gilpin's determination to get to 'grips' with this valuable estate which my father had build up over many years that he managed to remove my father's large safe from my mother's keeping. My late brother Billy even wrote about Gilpin's conduct towards him.
Gilpin was aware of Freddie's mental handicap. My mother was elderly and so vulnerable. None of our family knew at this time what Gilpin was doing.
Having managed to get his hands on my father's private papers and deeds etc., Gilpin, with the help of Tughan & Co now began to arrange to turn Freddie's city centre property into 'good cash money' - but not for Freddie.