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Letter from Office of Care and Protection Master, Brian Hall, to solicitor Shannon dated 15.4.1988.

Dear Mr Shannon,

Your client: Mrs Eileen Wright

I refer to our preliminary conversations about this case and I have noted that you have now been engaged to represent and advise Mrs Eileen Wright, the Patient's sister.

I have already handed to you for reference a copy of the typewritten list of questions (on 2 pages) raised by your client and also a copy of a map of the Smithfield area on which are marked the 2 properties (shown by numbers 5 and 6) formerly owned by the Patient, described in paragraph 13 of the Official Solicitor's first report to the court dated 30 January 1984 (on page 6), which have now been sold to Messrs Laing with the approval of the Judge. These are the only 2 properties "in Smithfield" formerly belonging to the Patient of which I am aware. In the ninth paragraph of the list of questions reference is made to "the large piece of ground in Smithfield given to Freddie by my father". Please take your client's instructions as to the precise location of the area of ground referred to and any other relevant information which may help to determine its ownership.

Mrs Bowers and I have already had a useful discussion with Mrs Sheila Moiseiwitsch, the social worker responsible for the case, about the Patient's personal and domestic needs about which I have now written to Mrs Wright. I enclose for you reference copies of that letter and its enclosure.

Finally I should mention that I am aware of the interest which has been shown in the case by Mr Rigby, a family friend who has been present at a number of earlier meetings. If he wishes to accompany Mrs Wright to the proposed meeting he will be welcome to attend.

Yours sincerely,


[Yet again Mr. Hall, now Master, continues to involve himself in the role of Official Solicitor which he should not be doing. He is now a junior judge and such involvement is illegal. How can Mr. Hall be required to make a decision as judge and at the same time act as prosecution or defence. Such is Mr. Hall's anxiety that this case should get out from his absolute control.]

Now look at this.

[Surprise, surprise!
So this is the lady who was responsible for Freddie Andrews' case. At the time of Mr. Hall's letter, the 15/4/1988, and Mr. Hall's and Mrs. Bowers' discussions with Mrs. Sheila Moiseiwitsch, Mrs. Moiseiwitsch was engaged in a string of callous thefts from two elderly sisters in her care between December 1985 and July 1989 amounting to 11,000. Did Mr. Hall and Mrs. Bowers know what Mrs. Moiseiwitsch was doing in her professional capacity as social worker? Was this a little icing on the bigger cake that this web site is hoping to expose? Yet, just as in the case of Herbert Wright, the kindly judge did not give this woman a custodial sentence. If it had been me or many like me, a judge would not have given me time to put my prison clothes on. Isn't it very strange how wrongdoers known to Mr. Hall are protected against punishment for wrongdoing?]