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My letter to the Belfast Telegraph dated 1/5/1990.

Dear Sir,
I was somewhat surprised on reading the supplement re, Castle Court Complex, enclosed with your paper of the 25th April 1990.
How could you be so naive as to include the above supplement when it is full of inaccuracies? My recent letter with enclosures to one of your reporters pointed out that there was, and still is, a "hassle" with regard to the takeover of my brother's entire Smithfield estate given to him by my father long before he died and as yet he has never been fully compensated.
You stated in your supplement that all of the Smithfield site was acquired by negotiation and no compulsory order was necessary. I sent your reporter evidence of a compulsory order but have not as yet received a reply to my letter. Perhaps you would peruse this mail and correct your untrue statements in your supplement.
Who were the negotiators? They did not negotiate with my brother who owned the property or his family who were kept completely in the dark. What was the sum paid and who received the money for all my brother's properties? Who got the large amount of money for the Compulsory Order which you state did not take place? I can give you a list of all my brother's estate which has been fraudulently taken from him.
From whom did you get this incorrect information? Why did you assume that there was no "hassle"? There has been plenty of hassle during our eleven year fight for Justice which we will continue until Justice is seen to be done.
A mental patient's incapacity was used to bring about this massive fraud that has been covered up for years.
I will gladly talk to any senior reporter or yourself if necessary so that you can print the correct information available to your reporter whom I contacted about two weeks ago but as yet have received no reply. I will personally send to you the same detailed information that I sent to your reporter which shows collusion and evidence of a Compulsory Order etc.
I feel that this large international company which you glowingly wrote about should have given you correct information and put forward the true facts.
I look forward to reading your correction in the Telegraph.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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