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My letter to Department of the Environment dated 25/9/1990.

Dear sir,

I enclose copy letters from Mr R M Taylor, joint managing Director of Messrs Laing & Co. in London.
Paragraph (2) of Mr Taylor's letter of the 11th July 1990, ref: JLD/RMT/ BS/694 enclosed, states that Laing acquired this land from the DOE, 61 Smithfield and 9 Francis Street. This property was given to my mentally handicapped brother long before my father died in 1972. My father was the owner and Chairman of Andrews & Co.
How could Laing & Co. have proper title to this property when it was stolen from my brother Freddie, by the late Mr C Gilpon in 1977? Charles Gilpin was then the main shareholder of Messrs Neville Johnston & Co.
Mr Dowling of Central Merchants informed me some time ago that he had bought a piece of land in Smnithfield for his lorries but when he found it was to be vested he then sold it to Laing. Mr Dowling had no proper title to this land. Who permitted this illegal transaction to go through without investigation?
I would like to be made aware why the Dept of Environment did not contact the family, considering the condition of my brother's mental incapacity, his name was on all the Deeds etc so there should have been no reason not to get in touch with us.
The 'Christian' entrepreneur, the late Charles Gilpin divested Freddie of his entire estate between 1972 and 1980 with the help of his solicitor who is now out on suspended sentence and struck off for life as an acting solicitor.
My brother's showroom and Francis Street were sold illegally to the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham in 1980 by Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor Mr H Wright, then of Messrs Tughan & Co.
The 375,000 paid for this property, according to Lord Justice O'Donnell in the Criminal Court in January 1989 went straight into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co in 1980, one year after we put Freddie in 'Care', as we thought, for his protection. Freddie was not only denied the right to the 375,000 but also the interest on this amount as well. No explanation has ever been given to the family of what happened or who got the 300,000 for his land.
Freddie's incapacity was cruelly and inhumanly abused in the interest of con-men and manipulators. It is a terrible indictment on the legal profession and those in positions of trust who cannot be trusted to care for and protect a mental patient's rights.
I am quite sure Mr R M Taylor of London was never made aware of all the illegal deals done in my brother's name or how Freddie's property and lands were stolen from him.
I would like to know who gave your office the authority to dispose of Freddie's estate.
We know this is a police case but the fraud officer whom we approached in 1980, after a three-year indepth investigation exposing the crimes of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation was told to leave Freddie's case aside in 1983.
This is such a scandal that it had to be kept under cover.
I hope to hear from your office as soon as possible.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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