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This is an official memo with the government logo at the top. It is undated, unsigned and is not addressed to anyone in particular. It was probably typed out in 1987.


Questions arising from Mrs Wright's letter of 8 June 1987 to Dr Lyons

1. In regard to any questions which relate to the investigation of the Patient's affairs, originally undertaken by Mr John G Drennan and subsequently pursued by Mr Hall, the present position is clearly stated in a letter dated 21 May 1987 sent by Mr E A Simpson, the Director of the Northern Ireland Court Service, to Mrs Wright. Her attention has already been drawn to the unambiguous direction given by the Judge at the hearing on 9 May 1986 and it is open to her at any time to submiit new or additional evidence to the Official Solicitor or to apply to the Court herself is [This should have read 'if'] she is so advised.

2. Matters involving the personal and domestic needs of the Patient (which may also affect his mother, Mrs Minetta Andrews, and other members of the household at 4 Norwood Gardens) are the responsibility of the Official solicitor. [Actually this is not true according to new government guidelines which I will quote from later.]Any points relating to such matters should be addressed direct to Mrs Bowers.

3. No proposal has been put to the Official Solicitor (nor is any contemplated by her) the the Patient should be transferred from 4 Norwood Gardens into any form of residential or nursing care.

[Anyone reading the above official government memo, in isolation, would accept it without question. Why shouldn't they accept it without question? These highly-paid civil servants who recieve all sorts of perks on top of their inflated salaries are in a position to have the law enforced immediately they are aware that something within their jurisdiction is not as it should be. It is very sad, in fact it is criminal, that the above memo is another page in the criminal cover-up of this sick state-run fraud which has been punishing my mentally-impaired brother for nearly half his life. Please select the link in paragraph 1 to read E A Simpson's letter.]

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