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From My Photo Album

The Andrews' family home

This is the magnificent home my father provided for my mother and family. My mother even had a maid to help with the running of the house. This was also the home my father gave to Freddie for his comfort and well-being. Nobody had any right to take this off either my mother or Freddie.

The late Fred Andrews is on the right of this photograph in the lighter coloured suit in the company of top men of commerce in Northern Ireland including the late Lord Faulkner.

My late father is wearing the lighter coloured suit on the right of the of this photograph standing among Northern Ireland's top men of commerce. The late Lord Faulkner is third from the left. This is the sort of respect my late father commanded as a result of his business acumen and his character.

a sample of my father's taste in cars

A sample of my father's taste in cars.

This is a photograph of me taken a long time ago standing outside our magnificent home at 14 Castlehill Road.

This is me, Eileen Wright, standing outside our family home a long time ago.

This is the disgusting and damaged bath in 4 Norwood Gardens that my mother and Freddie were expected to use. The walls of the bathroom were equally disgusting. These are the type of conditions which Official Solicitor Mr. Hall, in his Comprehensive Report dated 30 January 1984, page 14, paragraph 29, called, quote, " the Patient's best interests". End of quote.

This is the disgusting and broken bath in the bathroom of 4 Norwood Drive