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A letter from the RUC to me dated 16/1/1995.

Dear Madam


Thank you for forwarding the letter received by yourself from Nigeria, details of which have been collated at this Office and passed to New Scotland Yard, which has been tasked with the responsibility of dealing with these matters on a national basis.

No further action by yourself is necessary in this regard.

As regards the second issue raised in your letter, namely the alleged fraudulent take-over of your brother's estate and the failure of the Official Solicitor to provide you with copies of the relevant accounts; I have caused a review of the voluminous papers in this case, hence the delay in responding in full to your correspondence.

You will of course be aware that this is not the first such review conducted by this Office, including an extensive one completed in late 1989 by the then D/Inspector Moss, whom I understand you met with on several occasions.

Nothing contained within the said papers leads me to the conclusion that further police resources should be expended on this matter, in the absence of specific details of the 'further evidence' which you purport to now have in your possession.

Any information that you have in this regard should therefore be detailed in writing and forwarded to this Office, together with copies of any relevant documents, copies, at your earliest convenience.

You reiterate your concerns over the sale of the Smithfield property by the Court in 1987. Such matters fall within the realms of Civil Law and are best raised with the Courts through the Offices of your Legal Representative.

Finally, you seek the assistance of the police in accessing accounts within the possession and control of the Official Solicitor. In the absence of a 'reasonable suspicion' that a 'serious arrestable offence' has been committed, the police have no powers to access such information. Nothing contained within the forementioned papers leads me to such a conclusion.

Therefore, access to the said accounts should be sought via the Courts, again through the offices of your Legal Representative.

Yours faithfully

D/Chief Inspector

[As the reader can see, I have a large amount of information on this site at this time, July 14th 2006, but the RUC have all this information and much, much more in what DCI Savage calls the 'voluminous papers in this case'. In particular he has access to the very detailed findings of the investigations carried out by the members of the RUC Fraud Squad and he knows he does not need any more information or evidence to take punitive action against those who have plundered the estate of Freddie Andrews.

As I have already stated, the senior members of the Police Force in Northern Ireland are now part of the problem which prevents Freddie from getting justice. They believe they are a power unto themselves but time will prove that they are very much mistaken in that belief.

Many questions need to be answered, but one question to be answered stands out above them all.

Herbert Wright, a solicitor employed by Tughan & Co was charged and punished because he, quote, "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980, in the County Court Division of Belfast, dishonestly obtained from Ryland Vehicle Group Limited 375.000 with the intention of permanently depriving the said Ryland Vehicle Group Limited thereof by deception, namely by falsely representing Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited had a good and marketable title to premises known as 60/65 Smithfield Square, Belfast.
Herbert Wright and Tughan & Co took 375.000 from the Ryland Vehicle Group "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980" by acting for Neville Johnston (Charles Gilpin's Company) and wrongfully informing Rylands that Neville Johnston owned 60/65 Smithfield Square when Tughan & Co, Herbert Wright, Neville Johnston and Charles Gilpin all knew that my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie Andrews owned 60/65 Smithfield Square. Incredibly, absolutely incredibly, this gang of people carried out this crime with the co-operation of the Official Solicitor Drennan who took charge of Freddie Andrews' estate on 11 January 1979. Mr. Drennan could not have been unaware of this crime taking place since he had charge of all the Deeds of my brother's property which included 60/65 Smithfield Square and would have had to permit the release of the Deed for 60/65 Smithfield Square in order to deceive Rylands. In fact, Mr. Drennan submitted his first Report to the High Court on 15 December 1979 which was during the time - "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980" - that Herbert Wright was stated in the Crown Court in Belfast as having been engaged in dishonestly obtaining 375.000 from Rylands.

My question: Is this the real reason DCI Frank Savage and his superiors, the DPP and all the other 'responsible' government officers in Belfast did not take the action they were statutorily bound to take against this gang of people and contrived to make solicitor Herbert Wright a scapegoat in order to protect the other prominent members of this gang???????]

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