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A letter from solicitors Carson & McDowell to Nick Sadler of John Laing Construction Limited dated 3/11/87.

Dear Nick,

Castle Court Belfast

Thank you for your letter dated 27th ultimo with copy enclosures.
My advice continues the same. I know about Mrs Hamilton's documents of title. In fact the Official Solicitor has furnished same to me to help me with the Millfield title. The Official Solicitor is holding same as security for a claim which may be brought by the Official Solicitor on behalf of Fred Andrews against Mrs Hamilton. The plot is very thick and the best course of action is to keep silent and work only with the Official Solicitor which is what I have done. [This last sentence tells the whole story of my mentally-handicapped brother's sentence to a lifestyle of government-enforced deprivation which is totally at odds with the wishes and the will of my late father. This firm of solicitors and John Laing's representative were on first name terms. Yes, they had so much in common and so much to keep silent about. This silence also extended to the Official Solicitor who was their ally in all their dirty work. Because of its importance, I have copied this letter below.
Isn't it remarkable that the only actions the Official Solicitors have taken in Freddie's 'interest' have been against other members of his family? The action that Official Solicitor Hall took against Tughan & Co was not in Freddie's interest but in the interest of the Ryland Vehicle Group.

What on earth sort of people are in charge of important government departments in Northern Ireland?]

Yours sincerely

[The signature on behalf of solicitors Carson & McDowell, Murray House, Murray Street, Belfast is unreadable.]

[During the 1960s, my sister Mrs. Betty Hamilton, was given the deeds of Millfield and the top part of Francis Street, obviously by my father. She left these deeds in the keeping of Messrs. Tughan & Co and has never seen them since. Please read this letter from my sister Mrs. Betty Hamilton to Roy Beggs MP dated April 27th 1988.

Since Carson & McDowell knew about "Mrs Hamilton's documents of title" furnished by the Official Solicitor, then Carson & McDowell would also have known about this list of Betty's property itemised by her solicitor Alex Stewart who "checked the numbers and this is what he has stated which are mine,
114 - 118 Millfield
9 - 19 Francis Street
14 - 16 King Street
12 - 14 Marquis Street.
I did receive a ground Rent from the Car Park, Cork, but it also stopped when papers were given to Tughan & Co for safe-keeping."

Yes indeed, as the staff member of Carson & McDowell stated above, "The plot is very thick......"

Betty's property deeds, given to Tughan & Co for safe-keeping, were passed on to the Official Solicitor without Betty's knowledge or permission. The Official Solicitor then furnished Carson & McDowell with the Millfield title to my sister Betty's property?

F BRIAN HALL was the Official Solicitor from November 1982 until appointed Master (Care and Protection) on April 18th 1986 after which time Deirdre Bowers was appointed Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court on July 7th 1986. It is most likely that Brian Hall was the Official Solicitor who provided Carson & McDowell with my sister Betty's deeds and even if it had been Deirdre Bowers who supplied them, this action would not have been allowed without the permission of Master 'minder' Hall - see the second scanned page here where Master Hall signed his name in the border of the page.

According to the above letter, the Official Solicitor 'furnished' Carson & McDowell with "Mrs Hamilton's documents of title" to help them with "the Millfield title". Carson & McDowell were actually working on the sale of my sister Betty's property to John Laing Construction Limited without my sister Betty's permission. Not only that but this was being done with the permission of and on behalf of the Official Solicitor. How evil, dirty and criminal is this Office of the Official Solicitor? It gets so evil, dirty and criminal that the Official Solicitor even stooped to blackmail, namely, "The Official Solicitor is holding same as security for a claim which may be brought by the Official Solicitor on behalf of Fred Andrews against Mrs Hamilton". You can also be certain that Freddie would not benefit from this either. The claim was made by the Official Solicitor to take 20,000 off Betty which my wealthy mother had given her and the Office of the Official Solicitor wrongfully stated that this 20,000 belonged to Freddie. The only way the Official Solicitor could get their dirty hands on this 20,000 was to insist that it had belonged to Freddie and in this way use the power of the Supreme Court to carry out this criminal deed. F. Brian Hall was very involved in this. ]