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Letter From Me To Mr. Hall, October 28th 1988.

Dear Mr Hall

I received your note of the 6.10.88, we did not ask you to consider questions, we asked you for answers which you refused to give at your meeting on the 24th June 1988.

You went completely out of control at the meeting on the 24th June and rudely interrupted the Official Solicitor twice, when she tried to intervene. You chaired the meeting in a most excitable and arrogant manner. You had no intention of clarifying anything, you took my sister into your office and ordered us to sit in the corridor of the Law Courts. You again tried to get her to sign an illegal document compiled by yourself, which she previously refused to do, in order to stop her taking action against the clerk Mr H Doherty of Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin and Messrs Tughan & Company. Why did you find it necessary to protect these people? We understood your duties were concerned with the care and protection of mental patients. Do you also use your office and position to protect solicitors and their staff?

Why did you allow the Law Society to believe, "there was no dishonesty involved" and that you were "the only one with direct evidence"? Why did you not inform the Law Society, that an experienced fraud officer had direct evidence of crimes committed against my brother before you were appointed?

You considered it was not dishonest to divest a mental patient of his estate and that it was not dishonest for Mr H Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Company to allow another client the late "Christian" entrepreneur access to my mother's and Freddie's affairs. Does the protection of Mr H Wright late of Messrs Tughan & Company come under your jurisdiction? Is he entitled to be protected under the Mental Health Act?

We cannot and will not accept your word, a stenographer must be present at any further meetings, to take down every word spoken. There is no reason for secrecy.

If my mother's and Freddie's estate had been properly administered, the patient and his elderly mother would have been able to live as my father intended, in the family home, in peace and luxury for the rest of their lives. There would have been no need for my husband and I to give up our home, pay for tiling and painting the bathroom, decorate, carpet and curtain two bedrooms, decorate one downstairs room, buy a three piece suite, pay a gardener to keep the lawns and hedges tidy, buy clothes and cigarettes for Freddie, fix the roof because the rain poured into the bedroom, buy Christmas gifts for the driver of Freddie's bus, for the carers in Sandown and Beacon House. These people give an excellent service and cannot be ignored. We also provided a cooker for Freddie.

We never had any assistance from you or your predecessor or saw any sign of compassion, you hadn't the decency to meet Freddie or my mother. We got every assistance from the previous master Mr Jim Davis who tried his best to help us and every consideration and understanding from Mr Doone, Mrs Bratten and Mr Chambers, in the open office. I could not praise them highly enough.

After the sudden death of my father "the green eye of the little yellow god" was too much for a "Christian" tycoon and his cohorts. My father ran a highly respected business, one of the largest in N. Ireland. We all worked in the business and never had any experience of con men or manipulators. It wasn't strange or unusual to look at each other to find the truth. You grasped this information, so as to create confusion and use it as a smoke screen for criminals. You at that time, never met any of the family, including Freddie whom you wouldn't know if you saw him. Did your information come from a reliable source?

You ignored the in-depth investigation of an honest and dedicated fraud officer with over 20 years police service and called his three and a half years investigation, "notes and jottings" and cast aside Freddie!

You took advantage of Freddie's mental incapacity, just as the thieves and con men did, to cover up crimes and deny the patient the right to his inheritance. You never at any time protected Freddie. You ignored statements made to the fraud squad by two eminent psychiatrists that stated that Freddie would have no understanding or knowledge of what he was signing. Your treated these statements with contempt. You had no right to ride rough shod over the wishes of my father or the family.

How can a patient expect to get justice from any Judge in N. Ireland when people like yourself prefer "a do it yourself job" by presenting your own opinions. How could the Judge direct you, when you denied him the right to the facts of Freddie's case and the list of properties given to Freddie by his father long before he died? Why blame the Judge for your mismanagement and neglect of the patient? In your opinion there is no case for defence or prosecution. We hold all Official Solicitors responsible for dereliction of duty and leaving the patient in the hands of "wolves in sheep's clothing". One Smithfield property my brother gave as a free gift. He never was given any money.

You made inhuman and derogatory remarks about my mother when she was dying aged 90 and took every opportunity to destroy the character of every member of the family. In an underhand and devious manner you loaded solicitors we attempted to engage with garbage including your so-called comprehensive Reports, which did not include police evidence. What did you say to frighten these young solicitors?

We are aware of the Mental Health Act and the contents of the little blue book issued from the Care & Protection Office - if you read through it and also make yourself conversant with the Mental Health Act, you will notice that you have broken every rule in the book. Your attitude since your appointment, to Freddie and the family has been despicable and beyond contempt. You trailed our name through the mud to confuse the Judge, solicitors and the Courts.

Questions asked by the Attorney General demand more explanation than an emphatic NO. You are not infallible or above the law.

Why do you persist in keeping a foot in both camps as master and Official Solicitor?

We will never give up until the Judge is furnished with the truth. We cannot expect the Judge to give a considered judgement when he has never been given the facts.

I await answers to questions asked.

Yours faithfully

Eileen Wright (Mrs)

A copy of this letter will be sent to Mr Millar, secretary to the Judge, my M.P. and Dr A Lyons, Senior Consultant.